When adulthood finally dawned on me, I did not know how to respond at first. You see with growing up there are expectations; you need to get your life together, find out which career path you should take if you haven't yet, understand yourself, find love and build a home. But then, there is this war within. The war between what they expect from me and who I feel I really am.
So I'm siting here listening to this song Courage by P!nk on playback:
I'm walking uphill, both ways it hurts
I bury my heart here in this dirt
I hope it's a seed, I hope it works

I need to grow, here I could be
Closer to light, closer to me
Don't have to do this perfectly, yeah

Rain, it pours, rain, it pours
It's pouring on me
The rain it falls, rain it falls
Sowing the seeds of love and hope, love and hope
We don't have to stay, stuck in the way

In the chorus the singer asks if she really has the courage to change, and I find myself asking myself the question, if I have the courage to become.

How I Reaffirmed My Trust In God

Lacking something else to watch, I decided to stop being too choosy (I think I am when it comes to what series I watch) and finally watch Supergirl. I'm the kind of person who waits for a popular wind to calm down on the latest series and movies people are watching for me to come around to watch them. I always come up with excuses as to why

Sing Me a Song

Sing me a song Remind me who I am Remind me whose I am When I'm blinded by the chaos And I'm just going through the motions of life When my smile is fake and I can

How to pursue stability...

Hey there, we have missed you too😄... I know it has been a while, but we are still here and today I want to share something that is really close to my heart since the year began.
So, the one big achievement I desire this year, some may call it a goal others a resolution, whichever works best for you, mine this year is stability. I really want

✨New Beginnings

It's that time of the year when hope is overflowing (that's mostly the general assumption).
There are those to whom 2018 was like a guest who had overstayed his/her welcome- they couldn't wait to say goodbye. There are also those who had pretty much the best year they'd had in a very long time.
This is that time of the year when for most people, nothing feels so impossible. Weight can be gained or lost, money can be saved, personalities can be improved, dreams can be revived... I mean, everything feels achievable. A new year is much like a second chance for many. A chance to have another go at stuff that may not have worked out so well before. As I said, hope is overflowing😊.


Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook that many at times people ask you which career you are in inorder to measure the amount of respect they should give you. This is a sad fact and not only so but there is a huge social, financial and career expectation that has been burdened on the boy and the girl child as well. You wonder why we are registering a good number of reports on premature deaths? Girls looking for sponsors and boys committing suicide?